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Shane Working on His Music ! :)

09/05/2013 15:12
Now. I know that all of us are EXCITED to the first single and album of Shane Filan. Yesterday May 8, 2013, shane posted a picture of him doing his first single in the studio in Nashville :) and he can't wait us to hear it.

Mark Feehily is Filan keen to release solo album

15/03/2013 21:43
By : Shilpa Ganatra Former Westlife star Mark Feehily admitted he’s “not waiting around” as he and Shane Filan are both making bids to launch rival solo records later this year. Shane (33) is in Nashville in the US recording his debut solo effort while fellow Sligo native Mark is also busy recording tracks for his long player in Grouse Lodge, Co Westmeath, and other studios. And Mark (32) yesterday said that he is anxious to get his record on shelves. “It’s not at a point where I could say a...

The Farewell Tour DVD No.1 in Ireland for 9th week

18/01/2013 16:46
“The Farewell Tour – Live at Croke Park” DVD stays at Number 1 for one more week in Ireland, which makes 9 consecutive weeks topping the irish music DVD Chart! How great is that? *claps* Such an amazing show and farewell deserves to be that high so much. Mark and his Westlife mates have been working so hard and giving us such beautiful melodies, lyrics and moments all these years and it makes us so happy that, although the band called it a day, everyone keeps showing love for the lads and their...

Vote Westlife at the Celebritain Music Awards 2013

18/01/2013 16:45
  Westlife are nominated for a Celebritain Music Award as “Best International Group”. Even thought these awards are not a big deal it’s always great to see that people appreciate and pay tribute to the lads, their work, music and career :’) Click the link below and vote for Westlife as much as you want, there’s not voting limit. In a couple of weeks time, voting will be closed and we will find out who the Top 2 are in each category. Voting will then re-open between those two finalist for...

Westlife won the “Live Event Of The Year” award at The Erics

17/01/2013 16:44
Well done to Westlife and everyone who voted. The lads won The Erics‘ award for “Live Event Of The Year” for their Farewell gigs at Croke Park. :D These annual entertainment awards were celebrated yesterday at The Village (Dublin, Ireland) but, as stated on the official The Erics’ website, the lads couldn’t make it to accept the award. The Westlife lads couldn’t make it to accept the award for their sold out farewell gigs at Croke Park but luckily enough The Voice of Ireland V Reporter...
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1. "Westlife" November 1, 1999

2. "Coast To Coast" November 6, 2000

3. "World Of Our Own" November 1, 2001

4. "Unbreakable: The Greatest Hits Volume 1" November 11, 2002

5. "Turnaround" November 24, 2003

6. "Allow Us To Be Frank" November 8, 2004

7. "Face To Face" October 31, 2005

8. "The Love Album" November 13, 2006

9. "Back Home" November 5, 2007

10. "Where We Are" November 27, 2009

11. "Gravity" November 22, 2010

12. "Greatest Hits" November 18, 2011

Greatest Hits 2011 Album Cover

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