A Catch-Up With Nicky

15/01/2011 14:17

Hey guys, this last week has been absolutely incredible for us four... we have gone from our lengthy break and downtime into the buzz and chaos that only the music world can bring!

X Factor performance to an early GMTV slot and what a laugh we had doing the webchat having had only four hours sleep! We've also started our press campaign this week with numerous phone interviews and photo shoots with Heat and Cosmopolitan magazines all coming out soon..

Our radio promo has begun too with lots of interviews around UK and Ireland and we head off on a radio tour next week to some major UK cities, all will be revealed!

Us four lads back on our tour bus now, that's gonna be funny! Final video edit is coming soon and album artwork is looking amazing too… so as you can see we are most definitely back with a bang and it feels great…

Hope you are enjoying "What About Now" and looking forward to "Where We Are" the album which I promise, you'll love.

Don't forget to catch us on The One Show on BBC1 on Friday !!!

Le Gra Nicky....