Alan Carr Crash

04/11/2011 20:17

By Peter Dyke

ALAN Carr caused mayhem when he got hammered while filming his TV chat show.

The camp comedian downed four double shots of the strong liqueur Aftershock in just 30 minutes.

He got so drunk that he fell about shouting and slurring his words and introduced guests The Saturdays as “The Sundays”.

He also complained he felt sick and spilled drink down his jacket.

And he finally turned to the studio audience and told them: “Thish hash gone to sh**.”

The TV funnyman, 35, got plastered while filming this Sunday’s episode of Chatty Man.

He blamed his antics on Irish boyband Westlife who forced him into joining them in a session.

Mark Feehily, 31, asked Carr: “Can we get straight to the bit where you give us the drink?” After rummaging through his drinks cabinet on set, they chose the hot cinnamon liqueur Aftershock which is 40% alcohol.

During their half-hour chat, they all downed four double shots. But Carr struggled to keep up.

Following his third drink, a bumbling Carr got confused as he tried to announce that girl group The Saturdays were on the show.

He told Westlife: “We’ve only got The Sundays next.”

Finally, egged on by the audience to have a fourth, he told them: “No. I’ll be sick. I’m slurring my words.” He then spilled some of it down his jacket.

Bringing the chat to a close, he said: “This interview has gone to sh**. I think we should leave it.”

Chatty Man airs on Sunday on Channel 4 at 10pm.



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