Bressie says Kian will show his true voice

21/01/2012 04:11

By Andrea McCullagh

Voice of Ireland coach Niall Breslin has insisted that Westlife star Kian Egan can sing – after Brian Kennedy questioned the Westlife star’s vocal abilities.

Tensions have been fizzing between coaches Kian (31) and Brian (45) on the RTE show – on which the boyband star will have to sing live on stage with his acts.

Niall (31) aka Bressie said: “The thing about it is I’ve heard Kian sing. Of course Kian can sing. Brian was just posing a question. It’s something that Brian said and it was taken out of context but you know that’s the type of thing. When you are in this kind of show everything you say is deconstructed. You have to mind yourself because people can take things so wrong.

“It’s interesting when it gets to the live shows because it starts mixing up. We start performing with them. We start performing ourselves. So everything we say to them when we say you have got to do this, that and the other, we have to go on stage.”

Niall has attracted a huge female fanbase on the reality show and he laughed that he won’t need security to keep them at bay. The former Leinster rugby player told the Ray D’Arcy show: “I think I’m alright. I think I can handle myself. I’m not spending money on security when I’m six foot six so I should be alright.”

Niall is also joined by Sharon Corr on The Voice of Ireland panel and he didn’t know the other coaches well before he signed up to the show. He was worried about how they would get on together but he found that they clicked straightaway.

He said: “I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with the three guys cause I’d only really met Brian and kind of met Sharon and that was a worry at the start. Within an hour straightaway we clicked. When you are in a room with somebody and you don’t have to talk that means you are quite comfortable with them. I think that happened quite quickly.”