Bressie talks romance

18/02/2012 17:51

Solo rocker and Voice of Ireland coach Niall Breslin says that he’s shy when it comes to romance.

Talking to this week’s RTÉ Guide the Mullingar man, who is now single after the end of his relationship with fashion designer Eva Maguire, also says he goes for girls with “a presence”.

“Believe it or not, I’m quite shy,” he says. “Most of the relationships I’ve been involved in happened slowly and naturally. I don’t go to nightclubs and say, yeah you’ll do. Let’s go!

“I think the problem with me is that when I’m busy, like The Voice, everything else is irrelevant and girls don’t particularly like that. I like girls who have a presence, when they’re in a room they’re not just hidden in the corner being quiet. I like a strong person.”

In the interview with the Guide Bressie also talks about his relationship with fellow judge Kian Egan. “There is no tension between us,” he claims. “We just have completely different opinions on what we’re looking for. He’s making a TV show and I’m looking to make an album.

“The thing about Westlife is, they have two of the best contemporary male pop vocalists in the country with Mark and Shane and Kian’s been surrounded by them for ten years. It’s a different industry to what I’m in.

“My industry is sh*tty vans, toilet tours, not being to pay for a rehearsal room. That’s where I come from. It’s more real and it’s more rewarding for me.”