Brian McFadden to reunite with Westlife!

16/10/2011 17:33

According to reports, Brian - who quit the band in 2004 - will duet with Kian, Shane, Nicky and Mark on one song during an ITV1 special which will see the lads perform some of their greatest hits.

It's the second time the Irish boyband have hosted their own ITV1 show, and this time around its to promote their new Greatest Hits CD which will be released 21st November.

Westlife are also releasing a new single called Lighthouse and a dvd marking their 14 year anniversary.  The band said  “It’s almost hard to believe that we’ve been doing this for as long as we have. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and are looking forward to releasing our Greatest Hits as a special thank you to our fans who have supported us throughout our career.”


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