Contribute To The Westlife Boxset

14/08/2011 10:07


As fans of Westlife, you will no doubt know that their much anticipated Greatest Hits is due to be released later this year. But we need your help.

We want to produce something for you. We are looking to make a special boxset filled with some of the greatest things that you have collected over your time as a Westlife fan. We would love you to send us all the special things you have gained over the years, and the more unusual they are, the better.

We would love to see photos from shows, or pictures of you with the boys. Or maybe you have tickets and set-lists you picked up at various concerts, and you may have even created art work to give to the boys or hang in your house. As we mentioned, the more unusual or crazy, the more we would like to see it.

We promise to look after your precious things and return them to you safe and sound.

You can send them in a package to Leah Meine, RCA, 9 Derry Street, London, W8 5HY or copy and email them to

All those of you who contribute will be credited in the release.

The deadline is 29th August, but if you need longer (perhaps you live a long way away?) then let us know by emailing the above address.

Thank you. Can’t wait to see what you send!



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