Girls show hearts belong to daddy with 60th birthday bash at Croker

04/09/2011 20:29


By Barry Egan

THEIR hearts clearly belong to daddy — dutiful daughters Georgina and Cecelia Ahern are throwing a special party on Friday to celebrate their father’s 60th birthday.

The Westlife wife and best-selling author sister have also picked the former Taoiseach’s favourite venue for the birthday celebration, the Hogan Stand Suite of Croke Park.

A guest who is attending the bash said it was no surprise that the family was holding it in ‘Croker’, given their father’s well-known love of the GAA and his commitment to the stadium when he was in government.

In keeping with the theme, the invitations are designed like a GAA match ticket, saying: “Throw-in at 7.30pm.”

Various members of Westlife (Georgina is married to Nicky Byrne) are expected to attend, as well as many from Mr Ahern’s circle of friends.

One or two well-known politicians from home and abroad are also expected, but no names have yet been revealed.

Another admirer of Bertie’s, Des Peelo (who is attending with his wife Philo), told the Sunday Independent: “I was at my good friend Charlie Haughey’s 70th and 80th birthday parties and I noticed that there were no politicians in attendance. So who knows who Bertie will have there?”

He added: “We elected Bertie three times, so trying to visit all the ills of the country on one man is grossly unfair.

“I have known Bertie personally for more than 25 years and he is an honorable and decent man.”



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