I’m so happy for Brian and new love Vogue – Nicky

21/07/2011 22:20

WESTLIFE’S Nicky Byrne has spoken of his joy that former bandmate Brian McFadden has found love again.

The singer made the comments about his ex bandmate, who is currently enjoying the early flushes of romance with top Irish model Vogue Williams.

Dad-of-two Nicky (32) explained how he doesn’t know the Howth born model personally, but says that he is happy for his Australia-based friend on his newfound love.

Nicky went on to reveal his belief that Artane native Brian will collaborate with Westlife again.

He insists however that the group have made no plans for a reunion.

“I don’t know Vogue whatsoever but I’m just happy if he’s happy,” Nicky told the Diary.

“He’s a nice fella, I’ve always said it since the day he left.

“Brian’s not the worst in the world. He has a heart of gold. He’s probably had a bit of a rough time of it down the years.

“The way it is with Brian and the band is that it was one of those things where you’d never say never but there is no plan. I can categorically say that. I like him and who knows.

“People love a bit of nostalgia.

“I think there will be a time in Westlife’s life when we do sing with him again. When that is, whether it’s next week or five years down the line I really don’t know,” he added.

Nicky also insists that he is in the dark when it comes to the line-up for RTE’s new talent series, The Voice, for which his name has been mentioned as a potential judge.

The Flying Without Wings singer says he would be interested in hearing more about the show but claims he has not spoken to anyone to date.

According to the down to earth singer: “I don’t know about The Voice at all. I keep hearing my name being mentioned around as well but no, not that I know of.

“I don’t know, I mean, I’d certainly be interested in being listed but you know I think they put everyone’s name in the hat, don’t they?

“TV is something I’ve always enjoyed. Certainly I’ve presented Childline over the years. I’m always doing TV with Westlife being interviewed. I’ve always enjoyed the buzz of TV so definitely down the road.

“I’m still concentrating on Westlife at the moment, we’ve another album to produce and lots of tours.

“I do think The Voice is a great concept, I mean I’ve seen the American version. I think it will be great for Ireland definitely,” he added.

Nicky and his bandmates took a month off work over the summer, but are soon due to hit the road once more to continue their tour across South Africa and South East Asia.

The chatty popstar was speaking last night at the world premiere of Peter Pan at the Grand Canal Theatre.

Nicky was joined at the star-studded event by his wife Georgina, the couple’s twin sons Rocco and Jay (4) and his mother-in-law Miriam Ahern.

Credit/Source: herald.ie

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