Info on new video for ‘Beautiful World’

07/12/2011 19:46

Westlife’s brand new (and last ever :( ) single ‘Beautiful World’ will be one that will make us cry our eyes out as judging by Shane’s tweets it will bring back memories (and tears…). Ah so glad they release ‘Beautiful World’, it’s one of my all time favourite Westlife songs and I’m so proud that Mark has co-written it too. :)

Here are Shane’s tweets about the music video for ‘Beautiful World’:

@ShaneFilan79: Just saw a clip of our new video for beautiful world !!! Lots of memories!! Great tune and last Westlife song !:-(

@ShaneFilan79: It’s a montage of footage throughout the years right back to our audition for simon cowell..Stuff ye haven’t seen ! It’s gonna be great vid!

@ShaneFilan79: Should be hitting your screens next week ! Defo a video to cherish if your a Westlife fan!!

Listen to ‘Beautiful World’ on WESTLIFEVEVO

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