Jodi Albert: Kian thinks I’m sexy in my pyjamas

22/08/2011 13:34

Jodi Albert knows she picked the right husband

Westlife star Kian Egan is looking forward to being a dad.

Wife Jodi Albert, 28, is busy in girl band Wonderland – but not too busy to have a baby.

The singer loves strutting around in her Louboutins, but she might have to abandon them soon – for the sake of her back!

‘I have two or three pairs for special occasions and they always make me feel really sexy,’ Jodi tells us.

Kian, 31, doesn’t mind what Jodi wears though and even finds her alluring in her jim-jams.

‘Kian thinks I’m sexy in my pyjamas,’ she reveals.

‘When I’m in my pyjamas and I’ve got messy, greasy hair and no make-up on, Kian turns round to me and says: “You’re so beautiful!” I’m like: “Are you having a f***ing laugh? Who are you looking at?”

‘That’s when you know you’ve married the right man.’

Read the full interview with Jodi Albert in Now magazine dated 22 August 2011 – out now!



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