Kerry Katona column: I heart the Westlife boys!

28/11/2011 17:52

Kerry says she’d love to do a shoot with Westlife

Kerry Katona says: Apparently people are asking Westlife if Brian McFadden is going to return for their final tour – as if! He walked out on them and said he wanted to spend more time with his kids, but that same day he went into the studio and recorded a solo album! I bumped into Shane and Kian in Marbella and they’re such genuine, real, loving family guys. I was so close to them and have so many great memories with them. They were my family – Nicky is Lilly’s godfather, I would give anything to see them all again. I want to go and see them on tour so I can take the girls because they were a massive part of their lives and even used to go on stage with them. I’d love to do a shoot with Westlife – and take Brian’s place!



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