Kian and Jodi baby exclusive: It was Kian’s 31st and royal wedding when we realised

20/09/2011 08:55

Westlife’s Kian Egan and Jodi Albert reveal all on their baby joy

KIAN Egan and Jodi Albert chat to us exclusively about their expected bundle of joy.

Speaking exclusively in this week’s OK!, Westlife’s Kian and Jodi reveal all on their surprise pregnancy.

When asked about how they are feeling, Jodie told us: “We’re so excited. this is probably the happiest we’ve ever been. This is definitely the best thing we’ve achieved.”

Kian added: “When a baby comes along it really makes you think this is what life’s all about. When you’re with the right person it feels like the best feeling you can ever imagine. Nothing else really matters.”

The loved-up couple also tell us about the very special day that they knew they were about to become parents.

Jodie explained: “We were at home in London and it was Kian’s birthday and the day of the royal wedding and i did this pregnancy test and two lines came up.

“I wondered whether I was reading it wrong so I ran out and showed Kian. One minute we were laughing and the next we were crying but it was all happiness.”

Kian said: “It was a shock as we hadn’t planned it. In one way we were like: ‘Are we ready?’ Then we’d say: ‘Course we’re ready, this is going to be amazing!”

You can see the full interview in this week’s OK which you can get here…!



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