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‘I think the baby will be a little rocker!’


Back in April, the world’s eyes watched Catherine Middleton glide downt he aisle at Westminster Abbey to marry a beaming Prince William. While we cheered with excitement, a couple – holed up in an apartment in west London – were celebrating their own happy news. Kian Egan and Jodi Albert found out they were expecting their first child that morning, which also happened to be the Westlife singer’s 31st birthday. ‘The world was celebrating the royal wedding and me and Kian were locked in this state of disbelief that we were going to have a baby,’ six months pregnant Jodi tells OK!. ‘It wasn’t planned but we’re at a time in our lives when we’re ready for it.’

When we arrive at our exclusive shoot, Kian breezes in with a shopping bag full of pasta salad, salt and vinegar crisps and a selection of sandwiches for his wife of two years. While there’s lots of food on the shoot, Kian is keen to look after singer Jodi, 28, and satisfy her every craving. ‘Jodi’s spoilt rotten full stop. It’s not a case of spoiling her while she’s pregnant, she’s always spoilt!’ admits the Westlife singer.

Here the couple – who devide their time between their west Ireland home they’ve just built and their Chelsea flat – chat exclusively to OK! about ensuring their child isn’t spoilt, having more children and how they wouldn’t have been married with a child on the way if it wasn’t for Simon Cowell…

Congratulations you two! How are you feeling, Jodi?
We’re so excited. This is probably the happiest we’ve ever been. This is definitely the best thing we’ve ever achieved.
Kian: When a baby comes along it really makes you think this is what life’s all about. When you’re with the right person, it feels like the best feeling you can ever imagine. Nothing else really matters.

How is the pregnancy going?
I’ve been so lucky, I absolutely love being pregnant – I haven’t had any morning sickness and cravings, I just like eating! I’m not overeating but I’m not really worrying about how much weight I’ve put on. We just want a healthy baby.
Kian: It’s bad for me as it’s my excuse to eat rubbish. I’m slowly getting bigger and bigger!

Where were you when you found out you were pregnant?
We were at home in London and it was Kian’s birthday and the day of the royal wedding and I did this pregnancy test and two lines came up. I wondered whether I was reading wrong so I ran out and showed Kian. One minute we were laughing and the next we were crying but it was all happiness.
Kian: It was a shock as we hadn’t planned it. In one way were like ‘Are we ready?’ Then we’d say: ‘Course we’re ready, this is going to be amazing!’

Have you found out the sex of the baby?
No, we’re not going to. For us it’ll be a nice surprise on the day.
Jodi: I think I’ll need the surprise at the end of all the pushing!

Do you have a preference?
I think about having a boy and how amazing it would be to take him surfing and teach him how to play golf and the guitar, but the idea of a little Jodi running around melts my heart. So as long as it’s healthy we don’t really care.

How are you coping with not drinking, Jodi?
I haven’t missed it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a drink and we love going out and having a few cocktails the minute I fell pregnant I switched off. I didn’t want it. My main concern is growing this baby properly, but because we found out so early, when we were out with friends Kian would just order me soda and lime without the vodka, so people didn’t suspect, and then I’d just pretend I was off my face – I think my days of acting helped out there!

Kian, have you cut down to support Jodi?
I haven’t been drinking as much. I’ve had a few nights down the pub but you do go through it together. I don’t like the idea of waking up with a hangover any more.
Jodi: The hangovers were getting too much anyway. It would take me and Kian two days to get over a night out!
Kian: The problem now if we do go out and I get drunk and start talking absolute rubbish is Jodi’s stone-cold sober and remembers it all!

Has Kian been spoiling you, Jodi?
I do have an amazing man who loves me and looks after me. He cooks and he’s even getting really good at cleaning. And he’s been great at massaging my back every night! I’m well taken care of and I know he’s going to be a hands-on daddy. That’s why I’m so excited about being a mum because I know Kian’s so supportive.

Have you thought of any baby names?
A few, although I’d never call my daughter something like Apple. I just couldn’t take that name home to my family and expect them to take it seriously!

Have you any idea what type of birth you’d like yet?
I think it’s important to be open-minded. I’ll go as natural as I can handle, and then I want gas and air or whatever drug is on offer!

Do you plan breastfeeding, Jodi?
I don’t know how successful I’ll be at it but for the shake of the baby I’ll give it a try.

Do you feel sexy now you’re pregnant?
I feel womanly, I don’t feel sexy. Kian loves me however I look, though – he’ll turn around to me when I look like sh**e with no make-up on and greasy hair and say: ‘You’re so beautiful, babe.’ I’ve definitely married the right person.

Kian, you’re one of seven children – do you think you two are going to try and beat that record?
There’s an awful lot that’s nice about a big family but I’d say four’s enough. Anything more is crazy talk, plus I’m not the one who has to push it out!
Jodi: I like the idea of having four but we’ll get through this one and see how hard it is!

What advice have your bandmates Nicky and Shane given you on fatherhood, Kian?
They are both great dads. I think when I watch the two of them it makes you realise that having a child is a huge responsibility, but I have 15 nieces and nephews so I’ve changed every type of nappy you can imagine! I don’t have any nerves about having a child. Without sounding too blasé, I think it’s going to be easy!

Do you think it might not be long before Mark follows suit and has some babies?
Mark and Kevin [his partner] like the idea of children and I think it will happen, but we’re still trying to get a date out of them for the wedding!
Jodi: If I have anything to do with it! I’m going to convince them to have a baby next year. They’ll be the most amazing uncles to our baby and we’re going to hound them to get married and hound them to have babies!

Did Louis Walsh congratulate you?
Of course – he’s been super-supportive.

What do you think of the new line-up on the X Factor this year? Are Kelly and Tulisa outshining Cheryl and Dannii?
I think we’ll miss looking at them but I love Kelly and Tulisa and they’re not frightened to speak their mind – I love that.

Do you miss Simon being on the show?
Gary Barlow is very good, he’s got a natural ear and deserves to be there. Simon always brings a different element to the show but I think it was clever of him not to be on this year. I’m a lot more interested in the US X Factor to see the comparison.

Are you still in touch with Simon?
Yes. This is the first year that he hasn’t been part of Westlife’s team – it’s still early days for Westlife on that front but I’m sure we’ll see him between now and Chrsitmas, we always do. Both of our lives changed massively because of Simon Cowell – we’re sat here now because of him. I got signed to him in Westlife and Jodi was in Girl Thing. He introduced us but Simon told me: ‘No, no, no, kiddo, she’s not for you!’ So for once in his life he was wrong!

Why did he say that?
I was 19 and I hadn’t realised Jodi was only 15 at the time – I’d say he was being protective.
Jodi: As soon as Kian found out I was so young, we were just friends for about four years. We totally knew we fancied the a**e off each other. We had other relationships but we always knew there was going to be something between us.

Jodi, we’re sorry to hear Wonderland were let go from their record label…
It’s sad, but it’s ok. I’m having a baby and that’s the next thing and I’m sure next year I’ll pick up something else. I’m lucky. I’ve had two record deals in one lifetime, so you have to count your blessings.

What are you going to do now?
I want to enjoy the pregnancy and the baby for a while. I’ve worked since I was ten so I’m sure I’ll get itchy feet and want to do something but at this point I don’t know what that’s going to be.

Kian, how are you going to deal with touring after the baby is born?
Wherever possible we’re going to be a moving family, and when it’s not possible we’ll accept that. We want a routine for the baby so we’re not going to disrupt that just because one of us tours.

You’re both successful, do you worry about your kid being spoiled?
We both come from working class backgrounds and just because we’ve been very lucky the last thing we want to do is bring up a little brat – there’s nothing worse. We’ve spoken about how we’re going to give our child a banger of a car and not a sports car when it’s old enough.

So you won’t be letting your child spend 1 million pound on a bath tub like Tamara Ecclestone?
I don’t understand that. Some people have no concept of what money is – how can you watch starving people around the world and then spend that much on a bathtub?

Many celebrities have recently suffered miscarriages. Did this concern you?
I’ve never been through that but I think every woman fears that and I am heartbroken for women who go through that. Feeling the way I feel about this baby, I don’t know how I’d get over it.
Kian: My mum had a miscarriage before she had me and I was her fifth child but she said it might as well have been your first, it was that heartbreaking.

Do you play Westlife music to the bump?
Not Westlife but Foo Fighters! We were on holiday and I’d had a few drinks over dinner and Jodi was telling me that the baby would be able to react to music so I started singing Foo Fighters!
Jodi: I think our baby might be a little rocker!

You seem very loved-up, what’s the key?
If you’re not honest with each other, you’re wasting your time. We are always honest about our feelings. Communication – that is the most importnant thing in any relationship.

Would you consider renewing your vows?
If we were to renew our wedding vows it would just be an excuse for a big party – in fact, that’s a great idea…
Jodi: Let’s book it, maybe in Hawaii? [Laughs]

Credit/Source: OK! magazine / Thanks so much Jessy for posting the scans on her Wonderland Unofficial forum :)

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