Kian Egan says he’ll relish his life after Westlife

08/01/2012 00:45

By Paul Mallon

The Voice of Ireland star, Kian Egan, admitted his plans to take a few years off after Westlife may end up being abandoned.

Kian is already starring on the marathon RTE talent show which kicks off this Sunday and other offers are coming his way.

“I really thought that I’d get to sit around for a few years after 14 years of Westlife but things that interest me have come my way,” he said. “RTE’s The Voice seemed like a really interesting thing to do. I didn’t plan to do anything on TV but I wasn’t able to turn it down – it interests me from the point of view of managing an artist and the music itself.”

The Sligo singer whose wife, Jodi Albert, gave birth to their first child, Koa Egan, this week, is also looking in new showbiz directions after signing up with a big talent agency in the UK.

Kian was recently signed to the ARG Talent Agency in London which represents stars such as Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliff and Twilight heart-throb Edward Cullen.

“There are things coming up and if a project comes up that interests me, I’ll certainly look at it,” he said. “I have done acting as a kid and if auditions come up that they think I’d be suitable for and it feels natural – I’ll certainly try it!” he said. “It’s hard to tell what will come up but I’m on their books so we’ll see what happens.”

Kian, who will appear as a music coach on The Voice, said he isn’t interested in pursuing a career in TV presenting.

“TV presenting isn’t something I want to do unless some big opportunity arose that I’d be stupid to turn down,” he said. “I’m open to opportunities if it happens naturally. Westlife happened because we were in the right place at the right time and we met with Louis Walsh and now Louis has brought me to this agency and we’ll just see what happens.”