Kian not impressed with cheeky contestant on The Voice

28/01/2012 19:48

By Andrea McCullagh
23 January, 2012

Westlife crooner Kian Egan clashed with a cheeky contestant on The Voice of Ireland last night after he questioned the authenticity of her performance.

Stunning single mum Lindsay Hamilton (24) accused Kian (31) of chasing ratings after he offered his opinions on her version of Faith.

After she admitted she was obsessed with Amy Winehouse, he said: “Right, OK, that brings me back to thinking I probably was right that it probably was a little bit put on and that’s why I didn’t go for it.

“At the end of the day I think Brian (Kennedy) has got his work cut out with you, I’ll be honest. But good luck.” And she instantly hit back: “Whooo, Kian trying to get the ratings.” Brian Kennedy (45) picked the dreadlocked singer for his team and afterwards she reckoned that Kian was raging that he didn’t pick her. But Kian denied this and simply admitted that he didn’t like her.

When fellow judge Sharon Corr laughed “she doesn’t like you Kian”, he replied: “That’s alright. I didn’t like her either.” He continued: “Look, there’s definitely something original and quirky about her but I think you are going to have to rein it in a bit and she’s going to be a bit of hard work.”

Lindsay is a stay-at-home mum and she has one son Riloh who is three-years-old. She makes jewellery in her spare time and has her own style of music which she calls romantic realism. On last night’s show Nollaig O’Connor (21) had all four coaches fighting for her after her version of U2’s With Or Without You and she chose Sharon to become her mentor.

Kian chose three female vocalists for his team last night – Lorna Jordan, Lucy O’Byrne and Sandra Jane Hyland. Lucy revealed that she is taking part in The Voice for her granddad who passed away while she was performing in Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre.

Sandra was told to audition for The Voice by Kian’s bandmate Nicky Byrne after he heard her at a wedding – and Kian was thrilled to get her on his team. Another highlight from the show was Rory Quinn (21) who reached the final of You’re A Star six years ago. He impressed Niall Breslin with his version of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror.

Brian Kennedy also picked Brendan Keeley who had huge success in the Irish charts in 1995 with I’ll Always Be Lonely. He is hoping that he can have an international career through The Voice of Ireland.

The audience were not pleased when the coaches passed on contestant Emma Wigglesworth and they booed the team. Niall (31), also known as Bressie, was also raging with himself when he didn’t choose Ellie McMahon (19) who he thought looked like a popstar.