Lets Get Beautiful World Top 40

17/12/2011 18:00


By Jessy at Kian Egan Daily

A few days ago there was an article quoting Nicky as saying Westlife regretted releasing Lighthouse over Beautiful World and they were disappointed with its chart performance. It’s clear Beautiful World is loved by the fans and I think a lot of people would have loved it to have been the single instead. Therefore, we thought it might be a good idea to try and get it into the UK and Irish top 40 for next weeks chart.

As most of you will know ‘Westlife: For The Last Time’ the boys ITV special, airs tonight and we know that it includes the only tv performance of Beautiful World. That coupled with the music video being newly released as well as the top 40 being easier to enter before Christmas is over, this week seems like the perfect and only opportunity to try and make this happen as we will benefit from members of the public also ‘cherry picking’ the song from iTunes.

If you live in Ireland you can download it right now, any downloads before 23:59 on Thursday (22nd December) will count towards the Irish official chart.

UK fans should be downloading the song between 00:01 Sunday 18th December (tomorrow morning) and 23:59 on Saturday 24th December. Please don’t download the song before 00:01 tomorrow morning as it won’t contribute to the charting.

Getting into the top 40 isn’t an easy thing to do at all, but then when was there ever any harm in trying? Follow the links below to download your copy.

Ireland: iTunes, iTunes 2 or 7digital
UK: (remember don’t download to 00:01 tomorrow morning) iTunes, iTunes 2, Amazon, Amazon 2, Play, 7digital or HMV Digital


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