Louis Walsh is innocent says Westlife singer Shane Filan

26/06/2011 00:35

Westlife singer Shane Filan has told of his encounter with the man who accused his best friend Louis Walsh of groping him in a toilet.

Shane told the Sunday Mirror: ‘I was with Louis on the night this supposedly happened and I’m 100 per cent that he is innocent.’

He and his bandmates were with Louis at Krystle nightclub in Dublin where, he says, X Factor judge Louis’s accuser made a beeline for his table.

Shane said: ‘I have no doubt about Louis’s ­character. This is not the man I’ve known for 15 years. I didn’t see anything untoward. I’ve never seen him act inappropriately to anyone.

‘Louis, me, my wife and the boys were at a table minding our own business.

‘This guy came up and said he was going to be in a dance TV show. Louis wasn’t talking to the guy any more than the rest of us. I didn’t see him go off with this guy. Not to the toilets or anywhere else.’

It also emerged yesterday that Louis’s accuser was sentenced to community service after breaching an order banning him from his former partner’s home.

Louis said yesterday: ‘It didn’t happen so there is no case to answer. I am extremely angry that someone is trying to tarnish my name and reputation.

‘My phone has not stopped ringing with messages of support. I am hoping that this matter will be resolved as quickly as possible.’

Credit/Source: mirror.co.uk

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