Louis Walsh Says "No One Slag Off Westlife"!

08/09/2011 21:08


Louis Walsh has revealed that she fell out with his former X Factor colleague Cheryl Cole over boyband Westlife.

The Irish music manager claimed he had a row with the Girls Aloud singer after she said something "derogatory" about the boyband.

He told Heat magazine: "Cheryl and I had a few rows on camera but not many off-camera.

"She once said something derogatory about Westlife and no-one slags Westlife off, I am their manager and I love them"

Walsh also claims that he was the person to recommend Kelly Rowland to be a new judge on The X Factor.

He said: "Three years ago, I said to Simon, 'You know who would be a good judge? Kelly Rowland', and Simon was like, 'Really?'.

"She's done it all. She knows how to sing and how to dance. She is a star in her own right. She is incredible!"

Meanwhile, Louis admitted he is also a fan of the other new lady on the panel.

He said: "Tulisa is different from the other judges. She is the youngest judge ever.

"I didn't know who she was before the show but that was because I didn't know much about the N-Dubz, but now that I know her, she is so honest, and unassuming.

"This girl is the total opposite to a diva - she is a girl next door. She's absolutely gorgeous - I love her."

Credit/Source: STV


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