Mark’s video arriving in Taipei

11/10/2011 16:40

Marky shared the following video of him and the lads arriving in Taipei! :) Ah Westlife’s Gravity tour is now over. THANK YOU for the incredible concerts lads and for my favourite tour yet. :D Bring on the Greatest Hits tour now whoop! 8)

@MarkusFeehily: Arriving in Taipei this morning (incl. my little Elton impression at the end!)

@KianEganWL: So the gravity tour 2011 has come to an end! It has been amazing, Asia, South Africa,Uk, Ire, Dubai,O’man, Pretty incredible! Thank you all

@nickybyrneoffic: Gravity tour in the bag 54 shows later that took in Europe Middle East Africa & Asia Thanks to all who attended It’s now time to go home x

@ShaneFilan79: The gravity tour is over !! Thanks Taiwan u were a great crowd ! Next stop home!!!!!

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