Nicky Byrne Launches New Heart Campaign

16/08/2011 04:26

Westlife’s Nicky Byrne has launched a new campaign to encourage men to call 999 if they feel the symptoms of a heart attack.

The Byrne family raised almost a quarter of a million euro to fund the TV and radio commercials, following the death of the singer’s Dad, Nicky Senior, two years ago.

The Irish Heart Foundation campaign warns men not “die of embarrassment” and ignore the warning signs.

Speaking to 98FM News, Nicky Byrne explained how his 60-year-old Dad delayed seeking medical help:

“The thing about Dad was he was very proud of never being sick in his life, he used to tell us that he never cancelled a gig for a sore throat. I thought he was invincible as well and I think he had us all convinced that he was invincible and he’d live forever. When you see how things are now with modern medicine people live a lot longer and he should have and could have.”



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