Nicky ‘Twitterview’ with South African magazine

16/09/2011 08:11

Nicky did a live Twitter interview earlier today with South African magazine Huisgenoot! :) Here are the questions and answers! :D

@Huisgenoot: @nickybyrneoffic Welcome to Namibia for our 2nd @HartvanWindhoek festival. You ready for our Twitter interview? #twitterview @Westlifemusic

@nickybyrneoffic: @Huisgenoot yep .. Hit me !!

@Huisgenoot: @nickybyrneoffic Here goes… Have you been to Namibia before? #twitterview @Westlifemusic

@nickybyrneoffic: @Huisgenoot never been to namibia b4 but went out to “joes” restaurant locally here in Windhoek and have to say steak was best ever !!

@Huisgenoot: @nickybyrneoffic Which is your favourite destination to travel to? #twitterview @Westlifemusic

@nickybyrneoffic: @Huisgenoot really hard to pick one .. But I love NYC..

@Huisgenoot: @nickybyrneoffic Which band member is the most organised traveller? #twitterview @Westlifemusic

@nickybyrneoffic: @Huisgenoot I would say I’m the most organised traveller Defo !! :-)

@Huisgenoot: @nickybyrneoffic And which band member always forgets something at home when travelling? #twitterview @Westlifemusic

@nickybyrneoffic: @Huisgenoot hahha I would say Shane ! He is Wht I call a ” Dippolopagos ” he’s sitting with me now waiting to get food :-) he says HI !!

@Huisgenoot: @nickybyrneoffic What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage? @twitterview @Westlifemusic

@nickybyrneoffic: @Huisgenoot my most embarrassing moment is Defo singing wrong words to songs – although Thts most gigs nowadays ..Age is a terrible thing :)

@nickybyrneoffic: @Huisgenoot ok gotta go as we have breakfast to have :-) see ya in Pretoria !! Bye y’all !!!!!!

@Huisgenoot: @nickybyrneoffic Here is our last question… Do you know any Afrikaans words? #twitterview

@nickybyrneoffic: @Huisgenoot no but everyone says ” howsitt ??!!!

@Huisgenoot: Thanks for the interview @nickyburnoffic from @Westlifemusic. Enjoy @HartvanWindhoek!

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