Nicky wants X Factor job

29/11/2011 18:28

By Kim Dawson

WESTLIFE singer Nicky Byrne will be ringing up ex-label boss Simon Cowell when the man-band split next year, asking for a job on X Factor.

Nicky, 33, told me: “It’s funny with The X Factor because in the past we’d be looking at the bands and how they perform, but this year I’m looking more at Louis and Dermot to see what they do.

“I’m keen to do more TV presenting and I can see myself getting into a Dermot O’Leary kind of role. Presenting a show like that is something I would like to do.

“I’ve a good relationship with Simon, despite everything. I texted him when we left the label and it’s all amicable now.

“Maybe down the road, me doing X Factor would be a very interesting conversation to have with him.”

Westllife’s Greatest Hits is out now.



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