Parade: ‘We’re gutted Westlife have split’

15/11/2011 01:20

Parade have admitted that they are “gutted” Westlife have announced their split.

The girl group supported the Irish four-piece at a show over the summer and revealed that the guys were “supportive” of their career.

Parade band member Bianca Claxton told Digital Spy:”I love Westlife and I went to see them when I was younger.

“I’m gutted they have split, but they have been going for such a long time and they’re brilliant. It’s nice for them to end on a real high. They were absolutely lovely when we met them. They were really supportive.”

The girls explained that they didn’t have time to get some advice from Westlife, but said Alexandra Burke was on hand to give them tips when they supported her UK tour.

“Alexandra Burke gave us some good advice when we went on tour with her,” said Lauren Deegan.

“She was like, ‘Girls you’re going to have to try your hardest as there are going to be people who don’t want you to succeed. You’ve got to keep working and keep pushing’.

“A few months after that, ‘Louder’ went to number ten without any radio play and we were absolutely ecstatic.”

The group also said that they were a fan of Burke as a judge on The X Factor, when she filled in for Kelly Rowland a few weeks back.

Claxton added: “Alexandra was incredible on The X Factor. She proper spoke her mind and she isn’t fake. We love that about her.”

Parade’s self-titled debut album is available to buy now.



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