Picture: Nicky & Georgina – ‘Rival Passions’ book launch (April 2011)

12/07/2011 22:18

A big ‘thank you’ to lovely Susanne for sending me a beautiful picture of Nicky and Georgina! :D It was taken at the ‘Rival Passions’ book launch of Dublin author Zoe Miller that took place on April 7th 2011. :)

Zoe Miller also mentioned Nicky and Georgina in an interview published last month in Hello! magazine’s ‘Off the Shelf’ blog:

And having established yourself as a successful author, what’s the most exciting moment so far?
Signing my book deals and getting onto that bestseller list! A writer’s life is 95% working at the laptop in solitary confinement, but I’ve had a few glamorous moments at various book launches, the Hachette Summer party, and champagne occasions with Sheila Crowley, my agent. Recently I had a glitzy moment at my launch for Rival Passions when Ireland’s newly crowned, most stylish couple, Nicky Byrne of Westlife and his lovely wife Georgina popped in to say hello.

Credit/Source: Hello! magazine – Blogs – Off the Shelf / facebook.com/KevinMorrisPhotography / Thanks Susanne :)

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