Review: Westlife, Broadlands, Romsey

19/07/2011 22:15

THEY may not be the fresh-faced fivesome I fell in love with all those years ago but they can still get the girls screaming.

Gone are the days when Westlife could legitimately call themselves a boy band but last night they proved than this “man band” still has what it takes to put on a pretty good show – even though we had to wait for it.

Having grown out of my schoolgirl obsession some time ago, I feared it would be nothing more than the four Irish lads singing from their high stools, only daring to move for a key change.

But I am delighted to say that I was wrong.

From a bit of Gaga to pyrotechnics and even a proposal on stage, all held together with the classics that made them superstars, their promise of “bigger and better” was fulfilled.

As Westlife descended on to the stage, Broadlands became a frenzy of screaming females.

Donning smart suits, Shane, Mark, Kian and Nicky began belting out their classic hits.

As the tour marked the release of their eleventh album, Gravity, there was of course some new material which the dedicated core of fans embraced, but unsurprisingly it was the old favourites, like Flying Without Wings and When You’re Looking Like That that got the biggest screams of the night.

An added and surprising treat was a medley of recent chart-topping hits from Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Kaiser Chiefs – which was my favourite.

Their voices never failed and the audience lapped up every minute despite the downpours.


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