Shane Filan will be most successful after Westlife split, predicts Louis Walsh

19/12/2011 22:34

By Lynne Kelleher, Irish Daily Mirror

LOUIS Walsh has predicted Shane Filan will be the most successful solo artist of Westlife after the band splits next summer.

And the X Factor judge said the 32-year-old is the only one of the four who will remain in his stable of acts when they go their separate ways after 14 years together.

The pop guru told RTE TV’s Saturday Night Show that he could see the dad of three from Sligo having a career like big band singer Michael Buble.

He said: “I’m going to manage Shane Filan. He’s going for the Michael Buble market. They’re all good but I can only manage one. I love Shane’s voice. I love Mark’s voice too.

“The other boys, Kian and Nicky, are going to do TV and different stuff and radio. They are going out on a high.

“Shane is going to be a big artist. I will only manage someone if I believe in them. If I get someone amazing I will manage them.”

The TV star also insisted he won’t be dressing up as a woman again after posing as his former the X Factor colleague Cheryl Cole last week.

He said he was surprised by the stir surrounding his Cheryl impression.

Louis, 59, added: “I’ve never done it before and I’m not going to do it again and I’ve never worn high heels. You only live once and you have to have a laugh.

“It took about an hour. It was fun. I didn’t know it was going to be on the front page of the paper in Ireland. I’m not ashamed. It was fun.

“I think my family might be disowning me. I’m going home for Christmas, what the hell. I actually look a bit like my mother in it.”

And Louis insisted he would not be stepping down from X Factor after reports that fellow judge Kelly Rowland wanted him axed.

He said: “I’m not giving it up, no way, unless I’m sacked. I like Kelly, I do like her. None of us are hired again. Nobody is signed. I hope to do it. I’ve done it for eight years and I hope to do it another year.”

And the music manager hit back at Samantha Mumba’s recent claims that he didn’t spend enough time on her career.

Louis said: “She is a very nice girl. I got her a record deal and she didn’t even have to sing. I just walked her into the record company, Polydor, and they saw her and they signed her.

“She had a massive, massive career but maybe she didn’t work hard enough because she was dropped by the record company. I wasn’t dropped. I’m still working with them.”