Shane: ‘It’s better for my children this way’

20/01/2012 21:45



SHANE FILAN says his children’s best interests were uppermost in his move to live permanently in the UK, but the Westlife star has insisted that “Sligo will always remain home.”

Although the move coincides with Shane’s preparations to launch as a solo artist, the decision to move to live in England had been as much about family as career.

And although he has been travelling the world in the past, the hectic schedule seems set to continue with recording and solo concerts. But with his wife, Gillian, and their three children, Nicole, Patrick and Shane, now living in Cobham in Surrey, the family will see much more of each other. And, as Shane pointed out, the children “will see more of their Daddy.”

“It makes much more sense for the family to move to the UK. Now I can go to work every day and come home to the family rather than to a hotel room,” Shane told The Sligo Champion.

With his solo career kicking off when Westlife members go their separate ways following the group’s final concerts in Croke Park in June, Shane revealed that manager Louis Walsh was keen that he be based in the UK. “I now have to give it 150% for the next couple of years to make it happen,” Shane pointed out.

Although the Filans have previously lived in Cobham, in a house Shane bought some years ago, they have now decided to make it a more permanent home. But the family has no intention of breaking its links with Sligo, and is expected to return home regularly to their impressive home at Carraroe.

Surrey is one of the wealthiest areas in the U.K., while Cobham, in the London commuter belt, is about 32 km south-west of the city centre.