Shane on Twitter! :)

20/09/2011 08:56

Big day everyone as Shane is finally on Twitter woohoo!! :D It’s been confirmed by Mark, Nicky and Gillian. Make sure you’ll follow him everyone heh! 8)

His username is @ShaneFilan79 . The funny part is that when Gillian asked on Twitter to recommend usernames for him to join that was the one I recommended haha! :P :D Not sure if they’ve already thought of it of course but was left all surprised looking at his username mwah! :lol:


follow Shane on twitter

@ShaneFilan79: Hi I’m finally here on twitter.let’s have some fun!!Sitting on plane bound to hongkong 13hours.!! Chatye then lots of love SF79

Remember that Kian, Mark and Nicky are on Twitter too so make sure you follow them as well if you haven’t done so already. ;)

Credit/Source : Westlife.GR

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