Shane's Blog

15/01/2011 14:14

Hi Guys!

Just a note to say how delighted we are with the tour so far. It's been our most enjoyable tour by far and we feel you enjoyed it in a big way too!! We can't wait now for the summer shows and of course our show in Sligo on 30th of July. That is going to be a very special night for us!

Also thank you to everyone who supported soccer aid this year. It was a massive success for UNICEF and we  were so chuffed to be involved and of course it was great to beat England! Third time lucky I suppose.. But on the night I think we deserved the win.

It was amazing to play at Old Trafford and even more amazing to play with all the soccer legends! Myself and Nicky really enjoyed it and made a lot of new friends... Bring on 2012!!!

See you all soon guys

Love always