Simon Cowel blanks Westlife lads after split

06/11/2011 20:38

By James Ingham

IF you thought Simon Cowell was straight on the blower when Westlife called it a day, you’d be Flying Without Wings!

Despite increasing Simon’s bulging bank balance by millions over the past 14 years The Loife haven’t heard a peep from their former boss.

Kian Egan told me: “No, we’ve not heard anything from Simon at all. “We aren’t on his label anymore and I’m sure he’s really busy in America, so I’m just guessing he hasn’t had a chance.”

Either that or he just couldn’t be bothered.

It’s a different story for the group’s manager Louis Walsh though.

Kian went on: “Louis kept trying to change our minds, saying we were mad to be calling it a day and we were throwing something amazing away.

“He’s probably right to be honest but we all want to try something new.”

And before fans start dreaming of one last singalong with former member Brian McFadden… it ain’t going to happen.

In fact, Kian told me Brian’s lucky to be left on the Greatest Hits collection after they debated stripping all trace of him from Westlife history.

He said: “We were asked if we wanted to re-record his vocals for the Greatest Hits album by the record label.

“We discussed it and we were like ‘no, we don’t want to take him off’.

“We wanted to keep it true to the original singles. “But even though we want Brian’s vocal on the record, bringing him back would overshadow what we have done as a four-piece.

“We’ve been offered big bucks to bring him back before but it’s never going to happen.”

Can’t blame the lads that much: Brian doesn’t really have the same pulling power as Robbie Williams after all!



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