Tweet from Shane & new pictures on Gillian’s Twitter

28/08/2011 21:02


It looks like Gillian is really good at learning how Twitter works and she has already uploaded two gorgeous pictures of Shane on her page! :) Shane also used Gillian’s Twitter page to post a tweet, bless. :D

Gillfilanoffic: Hello everybody Shane here.. This is first time to Tweet:-)!!Can’t believe my wife is on twitter !! She’s so excited , it’s so cute!

Gillfilanoffic: Hey guys…. Here’s a pic of Shane !! He’s gonna kill me. Ha ha

Gillfilanoffic: Looks like im driving home..!!!!!

Also, a friend of Shane and Gillian – Paul Keaveney – uploaded this picture of himself with Shane 8)

@keavs14: Just got asked for a picture with this guy.. Not a clue who he is… Seemingly its all about Arthur… Ahh ya… !!!

Credit/Source: Gillian Filan – / Paul Keaveney –

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