Twitvids of Westlife in Asia

25/09/2011 08:29

So amazing to see all the Asian fans are showing so much love to Westlife! :D The lads have shared some great videos on their Twitter pages. 8)

@nickybyrneoffic: I’m chatting Chinese to the Beijing crowd tonight .. Amazing gig .. Best of the tour so far..


@ShaneFilan79: Absolute madness at beijing airport !! I think their happy to see us

@MarkusFeehily: Great show in Guangzhou! The venues are stunning over here.Now we r hotel bound for a chinese buffet allegedly…

@nickybyrneoffic: Us tonight in the Guangzhou international Arena .. Epic crowd. ! Till nxt time Guangzhou ! Beijing here we come !!

@ShaneFilan79: Absolute mayhem in guangzhou airport!!!

@MarkusFeehily: We r totz bigger than BB Mac in China

@nickybyrneoffic: Taxi’s in Shanghai are keeping up nicely with our motorcade..! Wonder if he’s charging extra to drive like a nut !

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