VIDEO: Westlife Q & A Livestream

03/11/2011 20:12

Yay, we can now all watch the video of the Westlife Ustream that was live earlier today. Ah what can I say, it was so emotional to see the lads talking about their split and then it was so lovely seeing them joking and laughing altogether. I was kind of laughing and crying at the same time. :)

I’m incredibly proud and happy that Marky mentioned Westlife.GR and Nicky agreed and mentioned the amazing The Committed fan site as well. 8) I was shaking and couldn’t believe in my ears and eyes haha. It was so surreal hearing the name of my site and my country. They also answered the questions we have submitted from my sistersite Mark & Kevin Lovers ‘s Twitter page which got me shaking as well lol, whoop whoop! :D LOVE them all so much, more than words can say. THANK YOU so much lads!

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