Westlife trash talk of reunion – it’s all about beers now

04/11/2011 20:30

Westlife have promised weeping fans there will be ‘no reunion’ after denying their long-drawn-out split is a money-spinning ploy.

Still to release a Greatest Hits album and tour before the final ‘cheerio’, Louis Walsh’s Irish stars revealed they rejected a huge deal to stay together and now just want to get ‘f***ed up’.

‘If it was about money, we turned down an absolutely massive record deal for an awful lot of money,’ Shane Filan told me during an exclusive farewell chat.

‘There’s no reunion planned. There’s nothing.’ Backing him up, Nicky Byrne, 33, admitted: ‘We could have signed the record deal, taken a break and made the reunion one as well and made money.’

Despite 14 No.1s, Westlife always failed to match Take That in the headline stakes but they insisted there’s been mischief behind closed doors. Among their career highlights is ‘the amount of alcohol we’ve drunk’.

Mark Feehily said: ‘Take That were the boyband of the 1990s and we were the boyband of the 2000s.’

Filan added: ‘For us, it’s never been about trying to get headlines. We let our music do the talking and our controversy is our success.’

Byrne went on: ‘We weren’t great at playing the fame game and falling out of pubs.’

Now the lads are planning to stay in music in some way but maintain their obscurity.

‘We always felt we were in a famous band but we weren’t individually famous people,’ said 31-year-old Feehily.

Unknown in the US, they are eyeing Vegas for a farewell. Kian Egan, 31, said: ‘There is no way in the world I am not going to go out after the last gig and get absolutely trashed.’

Credit/Source: metro.co.uk


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