Westlife’s album photoshoot

18/09/2011 08:43

The photoshoot for Westlife’s new Greatest Hits album took place today at a beautiful location in South Africa! :) The lads, as well as Gillian, all shared pictures on Twitter, non of Mark unfortunately. Bring on the album (out on 21st November ;) ) Enjoy, heh! 8)

@MarkusFeehily: Heres one for the @nickybyrneoffic fans! https://lockerz.com/s/139855227

@MarkusFeehily: Haha and now the @KianEganWL fans! https://lockerz.com/s/139856102

@nickybyrneoffic: Sneaky pick from photoshoot https://lockerz.com/s/139849607

@Gillfilanoffic: It’s a tough life…. https://yfrog.com/h7lkmjbj

@KianEganWL: Check out this location that me and they boys are at for our new photo shoot! https://lockerz.com/s/139854564

Westlife also did some recording for their new single yesterday and Nicky upload it a fab picture! :)

@nickybyrneoffic: ISDN recording from SA to LA 2day with @johnshanks1 for our new single ! Note @MarkusFeehily hiding the title https://lockerz.com/s/139560108

Credit/Source: twitter.com/MarkusFeehily / twitter.com/nickybyrneoffic / twitter.com/KianEganWL / twitter.com/Gillfilan


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