Westlife’s Mark Feehily to marry Kevin McDaid next year

28/11/2011 18:01

By Samuel Hamilton, Irish Daily Mirror

WESTLIFE’S Mark Feehily has sensationally revealed he plans to marry next year – once the band finally split.

The 31-year-old pop star has been engaged to Kevin McDaid, 27, for nearly two years after popping the question on their fifth anniversary as a couple.

And now that the chart-topping group is calling it a day following more than a decade at the top, the singer said he is finally ready to tie the knot.
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He told the Irish Daily Mirror: “We plan to get married as soon as possible but it’s about finding a gap to do it.

“It will definitely be next year. We want to do it as soon as we possibly can, but we want it to be right as well.”

The loved-up star admitted it is going to take a mammoth effort to organise everything for the couple’s big day.

And Mark insisted he wants to ensure absolutely every single detail of the day is perfect – something he has never had time to do as a member of Westlife.

He said: “It’s finding the time and doing it right. We’ve no reason to rush it or say, ‘Let’s just f**king pick any church or hotel or venue in the country’.

“We’ve been so committed to Westlife that while we’ve had big gaps when we’re not working, you have to plan so far in advance for a wedding.

“But even our time off it comes about extremely unexpectedly. We might have three weeks off, but we might have only found out we have those three weeks off four weeks ago.

“So you really don’t have time to plan. We’ve pretty much got the time to be getting on with the wedding now.

“But people are maybe a little bit too fast to assume we’re not going to do anything once Westlife finishes.

“I think I could potentially be even more busy than ever.”

The couple first set eyes on each other backstage at the Cheerios Childline Concert in 2005 when Westlife and V, which Kevin used to be a member of, both performed at the event.

And when their wedding takes place, it will be the most high-profile gay marriage to ever take place in Ireland.

The couple will follow in the footsteps of Ireland AM’s Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick who married in September.

Credit/Source: mirror.co.uk


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