Album Thank You's

Greatest Hits [2011]

    In a way I hate doing this, as Im always afraid of forgetting someone… but some things are too important to chicken out of eh!?

    I’ll start right here, right now, with my one and only, THE one and only…Kevin…I was lost for so long. Alone and lonely. Then you walked into my life and I found peace, love and happiness all in one very special moment. I love you forever and thank you for being here with me, by my side x

    Mum, you have always been my best friend. You aren’t phased by the madness that’s surrounded me for the last 13 years as to you I’m just your son, pop star or not. I’m lucky to be able to run to you for anything, anytime, in true mother style, you love me unconditionally and knowing that makes me feel safe as a house. I love you just as much mum, thank you so much for being a rock in my life.

    Dad, you are one of the most creative people I know and you’ve quietly played a huge part in my musical journey. Introducing me to soul music (that vinyl collection in the garage I used to sneak out and listen to). Then, I’d be daydreaming in my bedroom when I’d hear you shout “Mark, come in here quick and listen to this singer on the TV”… which basically introduced me for the very first time to Mariah Carey, R Kelly, Aretha Franklin, En Vogue and (believe it or not people) Cypress Hill plus many more.
    Also, you used to rent a video player for us at Xmas and along with it, VHS copies of “Thriller”, “Grease”, “Jesus Christ Superstar” and many more which lit my musical fire…thank you for that, and for everything else, I love ya dad.

    Barry & Colin, I’m just like you two in so many ways, and so different in others but I don’t think anyone knows me, or understands me quite as much as you do. I laugh more with you than anyone else…you’re so funny and once again, I trul know that ye treat me as you’re my brother and nothing else…thanks so much for just being there to talk real, and again make me laugh link I’m going to fall over! Don’t worry I won’t get sopp with it… Colin just for you… “THE ROVERS”

    To the “in laws” haha! Angela & Andrew, Jennifer & Paul, Eva, and the entire lot of Kevs family and friends…thank you so much for always making me welcome up there and for the many colourful times we have together, it really does feel like home when I’m with you. I feel I really struck it lucky with the fact that Kevin has such a lovely family and friends…love you all xxx

    Rowen & Sarah, Jason & Zarah and ALL m other friends back home in Ireland…the most fun times of my life have been when we are all together. For now there is nothing better than getting the party started and forgetting about all the problems in life, something which I am more grateful for than you might know. Thanks for being the best!

    To my extended family. Let’s start at the top… Nana Feehily and Nana Verdon. I’ve learned so much from the two of you. I’ll always hold the kindness and love you thought me within and more than anything the amazing, sometimes fairytale-like memories of my childhood which you both played such a huge part in it. To my original posse of best friends, the small army that is all my cousins! Thanks for such great friendship and also for continuing the support through thick and thin and to this very day. I don’t see anywhere near enough of ye all, but I’d never forget ye in a million years.

    It’s too hard to choose people to mention in the industry as I could sit down for days and think it through but there would always be someone I’d leave out…I would however like to mention a few who’ve played a huge role or just being particularly supportive of me and my creative side whether it be years ago or currently… Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell, Sonny Tahkar and all the various staff at our label past and present. We have made history together and I am very grateful for your belief in us though the years. To John Shanks, Steve Anderson, Ruth Anne Cunningham, Anya Jones and Aaron buckingham,,, thanks for believing in me as a songwriter I’m so chuffed to have support in that, let’s hope it’s the start of something great! All the other people I’ve been writing with thank you for allowing me in and opening up to me as well as making me comfortable enough to open to you…

    To all our fans. We started out as a young boyband. Some of you were there from the start. Some have joined in a little later…you are all so important to us and on top of buying our music and tickets to keep us at the top, you have made my wildest dreams come true. I used to lie in bed at night dreaming till it hurt about being a professional singer…I’m so lucky to hear your stories of how my voice or a westlife song has got you through tough times, happy times, sad times, glad times…THAT is what it’s all about for me. It’s why I do this…

    Steve Martin and Matt Evans…easily the best team we’ve ever had…Steve, you ARE the best tour manager we’ve ever had and Matt you’re gonna be the best tour manager many acts WILL ever have… its by no means an easy Job and I have much respect for what you both do… thanks so much.

    To Stevie Wonder, Prince, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, Alanis Morrisette, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Erica Badu, Jill Scott, Raphael Saadiq, Michael Jackson and all the other artists that have inspired me…thank you so much for showing me how it’s done and for lighting my fire…

    To everyone and anone I’ve forgotten… I love you and am sorry… there’s too many people out there all of whom have played vital roles in our career and it would be wrong to name a few and not others…you know who you are…and what we’ve been through…so thank you.

    Ok…Thats pretty much the lot…love you, byyyyeeeeee!


Gravity [2010]

    We are so thankful. We are four faces of a project that would not be possible without four hundred faces! Let’s start at the start. We had admired John Shanks and his talents as both a songwriter and producer for a long time, but it was only this year that he became available to work with us. He told us at our first meeting that he wanted to work with us for some time too, so this album was always going to happen, it was just a case of when and how! So here’s to you, John! I think we can safely say that the past three or four months have been intense. Creatively we have been wowed by your sheer fluency in music and song. Personally we have been charmed by your warm, kind, hearty and straight talking self. You’ve been the most fun to record with and we have learned so much from you.

    The end product is our most well rounded and solid album to date, so thanks from the heart of our bottoms for making a dream a reality. We love you man, here’s to our future together as friends and music makers! Jeff Rothschild. From the moment we met ou in studio we got on like a house on fire. Thanks for being such a calming, positive energy throughout the recording process and for your long extended marathons in the studio making us sound all sparkly and lush. Your skill as an engineer made the recording process so much easier and your gift in mixing has added so much to the finished album. Thank you! Dan Chase, Helen ‘Hells Bells’ Atkinson and all at Rak Studios, thank you.

    Simon Cowell, thanks for your focus on this album and Westlife in general. we appreciate it very much. Thanks for supporting our goals and helping us raise the bar.

    Sonny Takhar, thanks for still caring after so many years, you have a fantastic team and are a great leader.

    Nick Raymonde, thank you for supporting our creeative side and our desire to be the best we can possibly be.

    Anya Jones, you are the best! You work so hard and we hope you know that we feel lucky to have someone on sharp on our team! It’s a pleasure to work with someone so natural and passionate about delivering a strong product.

    To the rest of our label, thank you all for playing a part whether it be big or small, we are all on one big team and this album wouldn’t be the same without each and everyone of you… in no particular order thanks to Ged Doherty, Sarah Vaughan, Lucy Dann, Ali Barker, Guy Langley, Tyler Brown, Harriet Pearson, Rema Chuhan, Ann Marie Thomson, Russell Eslamifar, Dan Millar, Mike O’Keefe, Dave Shack, Fiona Cameron, Heather Gooding, Roma Martyniuk, Steve Stacey, Jacqui Quaife, Leighton Woods, Woolfue and Dave Rajan at Hungry and Woods, Stuart Bell, Nicola Phillips, Jack Morrice and Sam Stokes at Punktilio, Katharina Fell at Lucid PR, Patrick Perring and Louise Durham at All Leo. Thanks to Sean De Sparengo.

    To our day to day team; Steve Martin, Frankie Enfield, Sevvy Enfield, Gary, Ross Williams, Michelle Hillier, Charlotte Reid, Jamie Surman, Tim Pateman, Ben Cooke… you are the ones who deal with us through the peaks and valleys, the good days and the bad ones. Thanks for your hard work and patience.

    Thanks to Kevin McDaid for making us look so fabulous in the artwork photography.

    Thank you @redcorvette aka Fiona Reynoldson for suggesting the album title!

    To Alan McEvoy, Liam Murphy, James Fitzgerald and all our team at Livewire, Anita Kissane, Richard Bray, Mark Kray and all the team and Bray&Kray. To all at Tourpro and Devines for getting us there! To Steve, Karen and everyone at Production North. To every single hard-working member of our touring crew. To Annette, Patrick, Aoife and all at Sony Ireland. Caroline and Denis and all at MCD, Peter and all at Airken Promotions. Barry Claman and all at Live Nation. John Giddings, Sarah Sherlock and all at Solo. Joanne Byrne and all at Presence PR. Becky Ryan and all at Music by Appointment… THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!

    Louis Walsh, you’re the fifth member. You are our backbone and we thank you so much for everything especially the friendship and guidance we are so lucky to receive from you every day. Here’s to the future with you and Westlife. Long may it last!

    To our families, partners Georgina, Gillian, Jodi and Kevin, our children, Rocco, Jay, Patrick, Nicole and Shane Jnr, friends, dogs and everybody else we love and adore, thanks for holding us up, we love ou with all our hearts.

    To all our amazing fans across the world. We do this all for you. Hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as we did making it… together we have something very special and it looks like we’re as strong as ever, going nowhere!

    We are a very lucky bunch of lads. The dream lives on. Thank you all for making it happen.

    Love K,M,N,S xxx

Where We Are [2009]

    Im sitting in my apartment listening through the finished album, im very proud. It feels like ages since we met right here in my front room to talk about our hopes and aspirations for the record, We ! questioned everything, started from scratch, like it was our first album, I think it worked. Along the way we have met many people, from the crazy little man in the corner of Sunset and Larrabee street, to the girls who gave us breakfast every morning in our hotel, to the airline staff some friendly so not so friendly, to Dr Freiberger the dentist, who kindly gave me a late night root canal so i could do vocals the next morning.(Leaving) and many more all playing a part in the story of how the album came to be.Thank u x Its the littlest things you remember.x

    Kevin I feel closer to you everyday and am so lucky to have you by my side in this world I love you forever x

    I am very lucky to have an amazig family who take care of me amd support me unconditionally.
    Mum Dad Barry Colin and boyh my Nana‘s thank u for making me who i am, and being a constant inspiration Without you all i am nothing.x

    To all my best friends in Sligo, Thanks for making me feel welcomed and loved, I will never be alone as i know you are always therex

    To Angela, Andrew,Jen, Paul, Nadia and Eva, my geordie family love Yez!x

    To my big extended family of cousins, aunties uncles, im proud to be one of you. Thanks as always for supporting me from the start x

    To Sue thank you for opening a door to the wild and wonderful people ive met since our ist skinny **** in Balans that summer evening.
    To all the freaks from the east, you are a true inspiration.!x

    To everyone we‘ve worked with on this album, thank u all for bringing out the best in mne, In particular, I feel the following people deserve special thanks for believing in my creative side and giving me a seat at the table. Steve Anderton,David Gray, Nick Raymonde,Shaznay Lewis, Sonny Takhar,and Anya Jonesx

    Teresa on the road you are my mum, sister and friend,Thanks for having my back and looking out for me, also for being my partner in “winding down” in ther hotel bar after a stressful dayx was that for me baby???x

    Fans its all for you! U are the reason we make music, ive sung from the bottom of my heart and i hope you like the result, your continuous love and support moves me,motivates me, and flatter‘s me,x

    Louis, you continue to keep me on my feet and show me how its done, im still learning everyday!,
    Thanks so much for being a good friend and an even better manager! Kian, Nxicky and Shane Only you guys know the true meaning of what we do, i am eternally grateful to have you in my life x

    Much Love,

Back Home [2007]

This new album will take us into a new era. The past decade of recording and touring for us four has been just incredible… during that time our families and friends have always been there for us, so we’d like to dedicate this album to them and simply say thank you… also to our amazing fans all over the world, we hope you enjoy this album and we’ll see you all on tour… love, the lads xxxx

The Love [2006]

    To start us off… We would like to dedicate this album to the most important people in our lives and thank them for their constant love and support in which they continue to give us day after day.

    So to all our Parents, Brothers, Sisters and to Georgina, Jodi, Kevin, Gillian, and little Nicole, Thank you.

    Without you we would not be able to continue, “living the dream”.

    We would also like to pay a particular and very special thank you to our outstanding manager Louis Walsh…………… you have played an integral role in our career and have always shown unique ability to drive us forward, you constantly give us huge commitment and always made us believe we could be special while always being there through both the good and bad times.

    To the man behind the music – Simon Cowell. You never cease to amaze us by your song choices and album ideas and for that we will always remain very grateful.

    Another man who has devoted eight years to Westlife is Sonny Takhar. Sonny, you have always brought the ideas to reality and nobody could have done that better. Congratulations on your recent wedding.

    Dan Parker, You are quickly creeping up that ladder with Simon and Sonny yo guide you, you will do just fine! Thanks for the 24/7 work you do.

    The production on these songs has been second to none. So to Steve Mac thanks for all your hard work, time and effort, you have never let us down.

    To Chris, Ren, Dan and all at Rokstone. Thank you.

    To Andreas and Josef, once again it was a pleasure working with you and as well a great laugh.

    To Per and David: Delta and Ourselves are delighted, what a result!

    SONYBMG: We are proud to be with one of the biggest record labels in the world and from territory to territory, Westlife are growing bigger and better. So thank you to Rob Stringer, Ged Doherty, Tim Bowen, Jacqui Quaife, Sarah Vaughan, Annette Millar, Nirvana Chelvachandran, Ben Karter, Georgia Reeve, Abigail Williams, Leighton Woods, Mark Murphy, Alex Crass, Lynn Swindlehurst, Gary Hobson, Lee Morrison, Laura Henderson, Mike O?Keefe, Jackie Hyde, Hannah McMichael, Ali Barzilay, Roma Martynuik, Nicola Tuer, Jamii Layton, Steve Reeves, Jit Gondalia, Greg Lawton, Seb Weller, Matt Gibbon.

    We would also like to say a big thank you to: Robin Wilson, Stylorouge, TBA Travel, Tourpro, James Barcham.

    A special mention is reserved for all of our International Deparment. Especially Dave Shack, Paul Kindred and Co. To all the staff in all the SonyBMG Offices globally that work so hard on us, there are too many to mention but you know who are you are. A big Thank you, see you all soon.

    Our team on the road are definitely worth a thank you or two. So Dave Last (AKA Lasty!), Ben Cooke (AKA Cookie Monster), John Long (AKA Shorty), Soren (AKA we haven?t got one yet!) and William Baker and all at Never Trust A Stylist, Thank you.

    A big thank you to our PR team: Alan Edwards, Stuart Bell and all at Outside Organisation.

    Another special thank you to our Business Management Team: Alan McEvoy, Liam Murphy, and all the hardworking team at LIVEWIRE.

    With a big hug and kiss for Anita Kissane and all her time at PRICEWATER-HOUSE COOPERS.

    Our legal team who are currently helping to secure our future, Richard Bray and Nick Hart and all their staff at BRAY&KRAIS, Thank you.

    As all of our fans know our Live shows are something we thrive on and we have the best man in the business to put it all together. To Steve Levitt you are a great friend and your team including Karen, Jason and Mill are all a joy to work with. To Priscilla Samuels and Paula Barratt, Cheers! “We got to do what we do”! and thanks to Nicki Cheeseman.

    Our agent has always come up trumps so to John Giddings and all at Solo thank you.

    Our three lead promoters, Caroline Downey & Dennis Desmond at MCD, Jim & Peter Aiken at AIKEN Promotions, Barry Clayman at CLEARCHANNEL, THANK YOU.

    Mick, Rita, Shane and all the Devine Family and their skilled drivers. A Big thank you.

    A particular thanks must go to our considerable array of support staff, touring and otherwise. We are very lucky to have you all again, far too many mention, but again you know who you are, thank you.

    And last but at all not least to our droves of fans around the world, you will never know how much you touch our hearts and we appreciate every ounce of love and support you show us year in and year out. You guys really are one of a kind……….

    Enjoy our latest mix of Love Songs from years gone by, we have made them just for you, xxxx

    See you on tour in 2007.

    Be safe and “Live the Dream”.

    Love the Lads.

    Kian, Mark, Nicky, Shane


Face To Face [2005]

    Hey, Hope you’re well, hope you enjoy this album. Thanks to everyone involved making it. I had fun singing all of your songs! Thanks to whoever bought it, hope you didn’t burn it!

    Thanks to everyone who has supported myself and the band in any way.

    Take care of yourself!
    Mark. Xo

Allow Us To Be Frank [2004]

    This year we would firstly like to thank our Mums and Dads, our close families, our wives and our loved ones, for their continuing belief and their unwavering support: Without them we would not be Westlife.
    Special thanks, as always, are reserved for our manager, Louis Walsh, who has been there for us, from the beginning.

    Simon Cowell continues to be an integral part of our career development and we will always be indebted to him for his astounding insight. Similary, Sonny Takhar, at S Records, merits particular praise for his unswerving belief, right from the start. Sonny’s tireless assistant, Dan Parker, has a very bright future.

    The continally high production standards achieved on all of our albums are down to only one man: Steve Mac. As this album will demonstrate, Steve posesses an outstanding ability to adapt his unigue skills to any project. He is ably assisted by his resolute engineering staff, Chris and Dan.

    BMG Records has once again come through for us on this album and therefor we have to personally thank Tim Bowen, Ged Doherty, Jacqui Quaife, Annette Millar, Tony Fletcher, Dave Shack, Roger Jacobs, Nick Bray, Leighton Woods, Tanya Govender, Alex Crass, Nick Ralphs, Jon Davis, Dan Ayers, Nikki Watkins, Sarah Vaughan, Roma Martyniuk, Sharon Ashley, Tina Christoforou, Yoel Kenan, Mike O’Keefe, Neil Boote, Brian Regan, Steve Reeves and all of the BMG family worldwide.
    A big thank you to Alan Edwards and Stuart Bell at the Outside Organisation for all their hard work on Westlife’s PR.

    We also greatly appreciate the efforts of our 24/7 team who live and breathe Westlife: Jake Duncan, Dave Last, Ben Mahapi and Faye Sawyer.
    Alan McEvoy and Liam Murphy, and all their staff at Livewire in assosiation with Anita Kissane and her team at Price Waterhouse Coopers, work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our show on the road.
    To Joanne Byrne and all at Prescence P.R in Dublin… thanks a million.
    Today’s music business is indeed a complex world and we are fortunate to have Richard Bray and Nick Hart to steer us through the legal maze.

    Live touring is an extremly satisfying aspect of our careers; consequently without John Giddings and Steve Levitt, we would be unable to maintain our reputation for spectacular live shows.
    Our three lead promoters present those same shows to a high standard: Bary Clayman at Clearchannel; Denis Desmond and Caroline Downey at MCD and Jim and Peter Aiken at Aiken Promotions.

    We are proud to host our own T.V special, ‘You’re The One’ this Christmas and for their supreme efforts in making this possible, we thank Nigel and Siobhan at Syco TV.

    As always, Jeff Thacker has given us his considerable array of un-named support staff – touring and otherwise – who have all done their bit to ensure that we are where we are today: we are indebted to you all. You know who you are. We’re very lucky to have you.
    Lest we forget, this album has been inspired by a gang of legendary guys. We wish we could have personally thanked Frank, Dean, Sammy Davis and Joey. Where ever you are right now guys, have a drink (or three) on us!

    As we all know we were once five, but now four and therefor we would like to say a special thanks to Bryan for the five years of his life he dedicated to us. We wish him all the best in the future with his family, life and career. We look forward to seeing him at one of our future shows.

    Finally we save our closing thanks for our legions of fans – of all ages – all around the world, who have stood by us for almost six years: welcome to the start of the next six!

    See you all on the “Live 05″ tour.
    Kian, Mark, Nicky and Shane

Turnaround [2003]

    I’d love to be able to write the perfect “thank yous”, without forgetting someone or stressing out about what order different people go in and basically ending up writing a short novel… but I cant! So instead I’m just going to say thanks to everyone involved in the making of the album: producers, writers, engineers, the massive A+R committee, Sonny, Louis, Sophie, Dan and the Record Label. Simon Cowell – well done in your new career. Especially Steve Mac, Jake Duncan, Dan, Chris and of course Shane, Kian, Nico and Bryan who all spent most time with us on it! Also Dave&Co for being there on this album. Secondly, you – who bought this album, the “fan”, thanks for supporting it, I hope you’ve got value for money and more importantly get some good quality listening out of it! – Thanks! Leaving the most important ‘till last – my family and close friends especially. Mum, Dad, Barry, Colin, Rowen, Nana Feehily, Nana Verdon, Snoop and Ozzy, all of this is dedicated to you. You’re the ones I go home to at the end of it all and none of this madness makes any sense without you – I love you all dearly, thanks. Love and thanks to you all. Once again, sorry if I haven’t mentioned you on this but you know who you are, so if you’ve been involved – thanks. Here’s another one… hope it’s a good one!
    Thanks, Mark x

    (P.S. Believe in yourself, or nobody will believe in you!)

Unbreakable : The Greatest Hits Vol. 1 [2002]

    To you who are reading this, who bought the album. Ha, Ha! This is crazy the Greatest Hits So Far! Already! I can still clearly remember signing our Management and Recording Contract like it was yesterday – feeling nervous, and a little scared at the thought of what was about to happen – or if it WOULD ever happen for us! I had just turned 18 then!

    Didn’t have a clue about the music business, had never really travelled out of Ireland and was as shy as you could imagine!….
    …. four years later, at 22, I’ve learnt so much, travelled around the world many times, met so many amazing people, seen so many amazing places and things and got to live many of my dreams as a reality! I feel so lucky and I wish I could write down the names of each and every person who offered any sort of help or goodness or support to me or the band, but obviously that’s not going to happen so instead I’m just going to say ‘thank you everyone!’ Fans: thank you for playing your part, whther you’ve played a small part or big part in getting me and the lads to where we are today! I am so grateful and whether you believe it or not – I really do aprreciate you support! Enjoy the album, listen to the songs – they’re made for everyone to enjoy and I hope that’s exactly what everyone does when they stick it on! Thanks again, Love Mark. To my parents, brothers, family and friends: it is very important to me that you all realise that I could never do this on my own. I am the one everybody sees in the magazines, hears on the CDs but without you all (you all know who you are!) – I’d be lost, truly lost! All of you are the real stars, and never forget this! Thank you, with love as always! Mark.
    To Shane, Kian, Nico and Bry: no one can ever take away what we’ve achieved. We’ve made history, broken records, sold millions and most of all – had the most amazing experience whilst doing it – I look forward to much more of the above in the future and will never forget the amazing time we’ve had ‘so far’. Here’s to the future, thank you!

    (PS. the grudges make us stronger – who’s really laughing!) To everyone at BMG – I’m quiet and don’t always talk as much as some do! But it’s also very important that you all individually and collectively realise that I feel very lucky to be with such a hard working, dedicated label and you’ve never once failed in making us successful and at the top of our league – as a label and once again and probably most importantly – individually – you are all at the top of your league and I thank you all for working so hard for us! And taking this young, Irish lad and making his wildest dreams come true! Thank you. (And apologies for my tardiness! – It will get better)
    Louis: you’re a nutter and an absolute genius at what you do and very funny, but most importantly, you’re the man with a vision who plucked me and the others from obscurity and moulded us into what we are today! Thank you – much respect goes out from me to you and your amazing talent! Anto: it goes without saying that Westlife’s day-to-day stuff would fall asunder if you ever decide to leave! You’ve been here from the start and play a huge part in the success of the band!

    Thank you for always being there and for putting up with my bad time-keeping issues so calmly –Ha! Thank you for being a great friend too!

    Paul: I don’t know how you do it but you do! I know how we do it though – and it’s definitely not without you and all your merry men! There’s no doubt in my mind that you are the best in the world! Thank you for doing more than your job asks and being a great friend as well as minder! To anyone I’ve forgotten – it’s not my faut I’m stupid! – Sorry! Erm… What more can I say! Thank you I suppose! To all my fans: the first paragraph was aimed mostrly at you but I just wanted to add this… Always be proud of yourself and understand that it’s your individuality that makes you beautiful.

    Thank you – love always Mark.

World Of Our Own [2001]

    I can’s believe it’s our third album already – 3 years ago – no Westlife – now, all this – crazy! Is all I’ll say! Anyways I’m gonna try and keep this as short as possible – here goes again…

    Mum, Dad, Barry & Colin… Never forget I’d do anything for you. I love and adore you, you mean the world to me! Rowen – still best friends, thank you for understanding me and for just being you – ‘Music is our life – lets get wrecked!’ To my two Nana’s – throw your hands up at me! – cuz you two REALLY are ‘Indipendent Women’ – you both are great inspiration to all of us!

    Shane, Kian, Bryan & Nicky – thanks for being great company in this amazing adventure – I’m lucky to be in a band with all your talents. Can’t wait to get back on tour!Anto & Paul – SORRY for all the mornings I raised blood pressure all over da shop by sleepin in so much, thank you for your trojan work! Ben – you too! – you’ve been a star to us and a great pair of ears for me to talk off!Elizabeth, Jakki, Lorna & Tiggy – thanks for lending us your men to go and conquer the world!! Louis – you’re a genius at your job – I respect you for that! Thanks for respecting me too! All at RCA/BMG, thank you for all being so dedicated to us! GRUBBY – PERFECT MATE! Fifi – you’re a gem! Heather – our new roadmum! – You are the nicest person in the biz!To all my friends at home in Sligo – Baby Guiness anyone!? – Some of you I haven’t seen in ages – I’m sorry – when all this madness ends I’ll be a better friend! Life’s just CRAZY at the moment! To both my grandads (RIP) – still missing you – we all are! To all my aunties, uncles, cousins and relations at home and away – love and miss you all! Priscilla and Paula – You two truly are a MASSIVE CREATION, it’s great to work with you! To all artist / writers / producers – thanks for the music& the inspiration! Ann, Terry and Zarah – I’ll start payin rent soon – honestly!! Thanks for always being so nice to me! To all the pubs & clubs in Sligo, Ireland and across the world that I’ve knocked a few back in – cheers, and I hope I was a decent customer! To Simon Cowell – here’s to this one being a ‘smash’ kiddo!! To all the producers we’ve worked with – thanks for the experience, you are all very talented people! To anyone involved in our recent world tour especially Maria (miss u!) & Fran (c u out in London) & of course our on-stage performers e.e. the dancers & musicians (and lights & sound) – it was a pleasure to feel the buzz with you all and entertain with you all!! – Thanks for all the hard work and for some serious parties too!! To all the drivers who’ve driven me – tanx 4 getting me there safely! OK-OK-OK! – No more space – to anyone I’ve left out – thank you + sorry! Finally – we are so lucky to have such an amazing bunch of fans – to anyone who’s ever bought a WL CD / book / magazine / merchandise etc… thank you very much – hope you got value & enjoyment from your money! Thank you for helping keep my dreams a reality!!

    LOVE MARK xxxxx

    (P.S. So much for ‘short as possible’!!)

    (P.P.S. I dedicate my part of this album to World Peace for f**k sakes! What’s wrong with all these people)

Coast To Coast [2000]

    Every day I think how lucky I am to be where I am right now – my wildest dreams are unfolding into a reality in front of my eyes. It’s like that for me because of a massive amount of hard work, support and dedication – only partly by me – mostly by a lot o other people… Mum and Dad, I could never repay you for all ye have done for me, your love and support is priceless. Thank you both for giving me the opportunity to live an unbelievable life xoxo. Barry and Colin – I couldn’t ask for two better brothers, I love you both and am very lucky to have ye
    Rowen – thanks for being there for me through thick’n’thin – you know I love ya sham!! Nana Feehily and Nana Verdon, you tow have been like two extra Mums to me, I hope both of you know how grateful I am for all the advice, guidance, love, support – and oh yeah!… the dinners, that you have given me all my life – I love you two eternally. Snoopy – ruff ruff! To all the Feehilys, Verdons, Normans, Kearns, McGowans, Dunnes, Morans, Keilys and all of my other cousins, aunties, uncles and relations all over the world… I am so proud to be part of this family – one that is full of such great love and support for each other! Anne and Terry (T&T) thanks for putting up with all the phonecalls (Zarah – you too!) – Snoopy is better than Willy – end of story. All my friends back home in Sligo and anywhere else in the world – the memories we share are better than any number one!To Anto & Paoul – thanks for putting up with my lazy grumpy head in the mornings! To Ronan and all the Keating family – I really appreciate all of your help and hopefully someday I can return all the favours. To our management (Rolo) & record company /RCA), thanks for believing in us – you’ve made me one happy young fella! To anyone in any of the radio/TV stations, rehearsal studios, cars, buses and that type-a-thing that we’ve worked with in the past – thanks! To Mariah Carey (Bambi Starlight) – thanks for making my dream of singing with you a reality – you really are the best and you better believe it! To Steve, Wayne, Dan, Per, David, Rami, Jake, Jorgen, Krysten (x2), Karl, Mark, Pete, Ro, Andrew and all at PWL. Max, Andreas and all the other songwriters/producers we’ve worked with – it’s been a pleasure being part of the finished product of something that wouldn’t be anything without your incredible talents. To Shane, Kian, Nicky and Bryan – thanks ye shower a deutzs – it’s been a laugh since the first one! To Petracta and da Gerls – ya but I am rootin 4 ye (cue hairflick!!). To Ben, David, Moira, Paul D, Nikki (da brat), Rob, Clive, Dino (watch the speed cameras on the A10!) and anyone and everyone else who has worked with us closely over the past year. To all the fans i.e.: anyone who has bought a Westlife CD – you have all been a massive part in making my dream a reality – I love each’n’every one of you for that! :0) – xoxoxo.

    Finally, I would like to dedicate my contribution on this album to both my Gagas – your presences are missed – there’s a hole in my heart since ye have gone – I love you both and look forward to seeing the two of ye again one day!

    I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone – and if I have – cheers for all you’ve done!!
    Lots of love Mark xoxo

Westlife [1999]

    Well hello! How are ya now? Alright I hope! Well I’ve had an amazing year and now it’s time to try and thank everyone who’s helped myself and the lads out in the past. I know I’m probably going to forget loads of people, but I’ll try my best anyways, so here goes… Firstly my Mum and Dad, I love you both very much and could never ever repay you two for your love and support over the past nineteen years, to you two I owe everything.To my brothers Barry and Colin, thanks for just being there, it’s been a pleasure growing up with ye! To my best friend Rowen, you have helped me so much too! By just being you! I’m so proud to have such a funny, trustworthy, nice person to help me when I need someone! And ya know I’ll always be there for ya too! I love ya buddie! Cheers! (PS. Didufoirt?) To my grandparents, thanks to all of you for guiding me in the right direction all the time and for the lovely dinners too! Gaga Feehily (R.I.P) I’m looking forward to the day we meet again, until then, thanks! To all my relations: the Feehilys, the Kearns, the Verdons and the McGowans, the Normans and Kellys – thanks for being so good to me! To all of my friends in Sligo – thanks for all the laughs! See ya in Equinox Saturday. To all the people in Sligo, thanks for supporting us from the start, I’m proud to be a Sligoman and will always remember where I come from! Fintan Whelan, all in EJ’s, The Record Room, Star Records, NWR, The McNuttys, Ciaran Carty – all of you have lent a very valuable helping hand – thanks so much! To all in Summerhill College and St. Patricks N.S staff, pupils and all, especially David McEvoy and Kenny Donnagher, thanks for giving me great confidence and support! To our management, Louis and Ronan, thanks for believing in us and bringing us to where we are today. To Anto, thanks for dealing with me and my grumpy head in the mornings and everything else too. Of course to the other four lads; Nicky, Shane, Kian and Bryan, I’m living a dream with ye, thanks for being part of my dream!!! To Kenny and Ben, thanks for making me look half decent! And finally to everybody who has supported Westlife, that is, the fans, we wouldn’t be here without you guys! I love each and everyone of you for making my dream a reality, so thanks again. Dear Lord, thank you for giving me everything that I have, I love you. To everyone I forgot, sorry, I’ll get ya next time!

    Love Mark